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June 2007



I dislike rain.


I loved girls of the classmates in old days.

She loved me, too.

We arrange to meet and went for a walk well on a fine day.

I liked her smile.

She disliked rain.

I asked her the reason.

She answered while crying.

"Because I cannot meet you....."

I disliked her tearful face.














From the day, I came to dislike rain.

An old story.....



Uuu_7Because our feeling does not break off

"keep it going, baby."

When your feeling is not same as mine,

Please "tell me".

I am originally the principles that do not

overdo it. However, I may challenge it a little.

"I wanna be with you now."

Let's narrow this distance with us. Now, we are still in time.

"We can start over."

In this situation, I can not hug your feeling.

"I wanna be with you now."

Sometime, we can forgive this distance.

"We can start sooner."

After all, "I wanna be with you now."


flavor of life


I want to obtain the future that is "softer"

and "warmer" than a diamond.

I want to spend limited time that is named

"the life" with you.

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